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Importing from CLZ ...
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Importing from CLZ Movie Collector

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I'd like to export my CLZ Movie Collector database so that I can import it into Filmotech. Are there any instructions on formatting, and also how to bring over cover images?

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Hi. There is no native CLZ Movie Collector importer for Filmotech. So you need to use a CSV file (if Movie Collector has this option) and then import the data in Filmotech, with limitation :

  • You can't import covers
  • You need to have the CSV formatted as expected (date format, ...)
  • You can, of course, only mot fields that exists in Filmotech

Once the data is imported, you can update your movies to add covers and some additional data (and you can do this very quickly from the Internet Search window). 

Since you need to update your data and covers from Filmotech, rather than creating the CSV file, you can just create a file with titles, import this fil in Filmotech, then complete the data with the Internet Search.

Filmotech 16/03/2023 9:59 am

Here is the FAQ to import CSV file

JLYork Topic starter 16/03/2023 6:52 pm

@filmotech Many thanks for the help!