Here you can download the official version of Filmotech and other tools.

Filmotech comes without documentation. If you encounter difficulties, do not hesitate to use the forum at your disposal for this purpose.

For ease of installation, you can go to First steps with Filmotech.


Filmotech for Mac/PC

Filmotech MAC / PC – Version 3.11.0 – 10/15/2023

macOS (Universal, min. 10.14)

Windows (10/11) 32 bits

Windows (10/11) 64 bits

Filmotech for mobiles and tablets

Filmotech iOS / iPadOS / Android

Filmotech for iPhone / iPad

Download Filmotech ont he App Store

Filmotech for Android
(Gest films, Proposed by Oocieni)

Download Gest Films on Google Play

Filmotech ScriptEdit: Editor for internet search scripts

Filmotech ScriptEdit MAC / PC – Version 3.5.1 – 03/11/2022

macOS (Universal, min. 10.12)

Windows (10/11) 32 bits

Release note for Filmotech 3.11.0 – 15/10/2023

  • Removed dark mode support (PC Only)
  • Fixed selection issue in search field
  • Fixed detail display when no selection or multiple selection (PC)