Import a CSV file

To import data using the CSV format, certain constraints must be respected, namely:

  • Zones separated by a comma. All fields are between double quotes (“)
  • Dates must be in SQL format, i.e. YYYY-MM-DD HH:MM:SS
  • The decimals (buy price and exit price) have a point (.) as decimal separator (but if you have just 0 it will work)
  • Path type (Trailer and Media): URL (web link), DOSSIER (path to a folder on disk), or FICHIER (path to a file on disk).
  • The names of the actors and directors must be separated by a comma followed by a space (Actor1, Actor2, Actor3)
  • The zones must imperatively be in the expected order, i.e.:
"ID","Date updated","Title","Original title","Genre","Countries","Year","Runtime","Rating","Synopsis","Actors","Directors","Comments","Medias","# of medias","Edition","Region","Languages","Subtitles","Audio","Features","'In' : Type","'In' : Source","'In' : Date","'In' : Price","Mark as 'Out'","'Out' : Type","'Out' : Recipient","'Out' : Date","'Out' : Price","Currently lend","Movie seen","Reference","Link to trailer","Type of path to trailer","Path of media","Type of path to media"

Well, that should go pretty well. There may be issues with multi-line areas (like the synopsis). Beware of carriage returns in CSV files (which are interpreted as line separators).