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CSV import: titles ...
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[Solved] CSV import: titles are just numbers

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I am trying to import a CSV file that I exported from Personal Video Database (since that program is effectively dead). It seems like it has imported successfully, as I see the movies all showing properly on the import screen (see leftmost image on attached file).

However, when I then click the Import button, the titles are all numbers (see rightmost image on attached file).

I don't see those numbers anywhere in my CSV file [Edit: correction, I do have 1914 listed as the year for several Charlie Chaplin films, and "1910" appears in a few other places in the csv], so any ideas what's happening, and how I might correct it?

(Second question: On a related note, I had also exported an XML from PVD but wasn't able to import that at all into Filmotech. Am I correct in assuming that this won't work at all?)

Thanks in advance for any assistance or ideas about this issue!


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Hi, you need to prepare your CSV file for Filmotech, check out this FAQ : https://www.filmotech.info/import-a-csv-file/

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Thanks! There are still a few fields that I wasn't able to import, but I got all the important ones. 😉