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I can't publish to ...
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[Solved] I can't publish to my website with PHP 8

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Hi. My website was recently upgraded to PHP 8.1 because 7.4 was no longer supported. Now I can't publish my Filmotech catalog to my website. I get an HTTP 500 error.


How can I fix this?

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2 Answers

Hi. I've worked on the API for publishing. This new version seems to work. You can download the api.php file and replace the old one in your rest folder on the server. I've only tested this API with PHP 8.1.16 and MySQL.

Let me know if this solve your problem.

Here is the fie (unzip it and send it to your server) : https://publishing.filmotech.info/rest/api_php8.zip

NeonJack Topic starter 20/03/2023 8:15 pm

@filmotech It worked perfectly, thank you!!

Filmotech 20/03/2023 9:11 pm

Perfect. I will update this in the next version of Filmotech. 🙂


Hi. Unfortunately, the default website generated by Filmotech is not compatible with PHP 8.x. 

I will update this later, because for now I'm pretty busy with updating the Filmotech official website which is not compatible with PHP 8 (but my hosting service allows me to use PHP 7 for some more weeks before asking for a fee to maintain it).

As soon as the website will be completely updated, I will work again to update the published code for PHP 8 compatibility (or, at least, give a workaround until the app is updated).

Stay tuned.

NeonJack Topic starter 17/03/2023 5:30 pm

@filmotech Hi! D'you think a workaround might be ready soon? My hosting service starts charging a fee for PHP 7 support on April 12 if I don't upgrade.

Filmotech 17/03/2023 9:59 pm

I've not yet started to update the website. If you know how to code in PHP, perhaps you can find a way to fix it. I've not worked on PHP since a couple of years, so I need to learn what has changed to update the code (perhaps it's only one or two deprecated function to update).

NeonJack Topic starter 18/03/2023 4:06 am

@filmotech Sadly I don't know PHP. I wish I did, though!