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Suggestion: Make poster thumbnail larger when downloading from Internet

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Grabbing movie info from the Internet works very well. However, when selecting the poster I want to download, it is difficult to see what they really look like when the thumbnail size is about the same as a postage stamp. I would love to see that made at least 2x bigger (3x bigger would be even better) in a future release. Thank you!

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Hi, the size of the poster depends on the search site. For example, with TMdb poster are much more bigger than with IMDb. You can also click on the poster to open it to it's full size.

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Posted by: @filmotech

You can also click on the poster to open it to it's full size.

Oh I feel stupid for not trying that! 🤣  Thanks again. 

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Nonetheless, having to click to view the poster full-size, then click again to close that view, does add extra time and effort, especially when you are updating multiple movies in a row. If the thumbnail view itself was bigger (even by as little as 2x), that would likely save those steps in most instances. Just something to consider for the next version of the software.