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Filmotech not showi...
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Filmotech not showing images/posters/screenshots in detail view

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Hi, I had to reinstall Filmotech, so got it from the most recent link on this site. The new version however, isn't showing any pictures/posters/screenshots in the "detail view pane" and I have the feeling there is other information missing too... I wonder if I have to set an option or so to make this show up ? I added a screenshot that (hopefully) shows what I mean. Thanks !

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Do you have updated by only installing the new version or do you export/import data and replace all Filmotech files?

lucvw_1975 Topic starter 27/03/2024 1:40 pm

@filmotech I just installed the new version and opened my database from within the program.

Filmotech 29/03/2024 4:34 pm

Try to install the 32-bit version (or 64-bit, depending what version you've installed)

lucvw_1975 Topic starter 03/04/2024 6:51 pm

@filmotech Tried it, but doesn't make a difference 🙁