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Titles with "A", "A...
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Titles with "A", "An" & "The"

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New user. Migrating my Excel index to Filmotech. Three days in to playing with it.

Importing a list of movies that I have moved the leading "A", "An" & "The" to the end (too many movies would end up under "The", etc). The import will not carry the trailing "A", "An" & "The", [form of " Title Of This Movie, The "] and obviously it's a pain to add manually, and it is actually significant to identify movies accurately. Any suggestions?

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If you import a CSV file with a comma separator, if you have a comma in your title then Filmotech will consider it's a new column. Try to add quote in your title column so the comme will be interpreted correctly.

By the way, Filmotech can manage "A" "An" and "The" in the setting, so if the title is "The Tile" it can be displayed and sorted without "The"

bbelly Topic starter 27/03/2024 12:20 pm

I cannot find a setting to enable that (it doesn't work that way at the moment)

Filmotech 02/04/2024 10:01 am

Settings / Profiles / "Sort and View" Tab, "Title sort and view" panel : "Sort without articles" and "Display articles at the end"

bbelly Topic starter 03/04/2024 5:45 am

@filmotech Who knew?! (Not me). Didn't know those were called 'articles'. Perhaps show the example i.e " Sort without articles ('A', 'An' 'The') ". Meanwhile, I'll go back to figuring out the pronoun stuff ... something I didn't concern myself with in grammar school 50 years ago!