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Unable to Import Fr...
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Unable to Import From PC to iPhone

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I have not been able to use the MOBILE / MOBILE SERVER option for some time, including most recently (running latest verson of iOS and Filmotech). I start the webserver with no issue, but my iPhone times out sayin g"Download Database, URLSessionTask failed with error The request timed out." Clearly my phone is not reaching the computer, although both are on the same WiFi network, no VPN is enabled, and I have even tried with cell service disabled.

Any thoughts on what else to try?

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Try this:

  • Perhaps your security software doesn't allow Filmotech. Check if the specified port used by Filmotech is allowed
  • The specified port is already in use, try another port
  • Your PC has multiple IP address and Filmotech doesn't show the good one. In the console, try ipconfig to see if there is more than one address. If it's the case, try to sync with one of the other IP address