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MySQL "????????????...
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MySQL "??????????????"

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thank you for this great application! It is amazing.


I tried using MySQL as the database, and non-english movies appear as "???????". Is that some sort of non-unicode characher support issue, or I did something wrong?


There's also a bug, I think in the generated websode code too.

The movies table in the db is called "films", but site-generator ALWAYS seem to append "fmt_" to the table name supplied during site generation, so manual edit of config.inc.php is needed.




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For the first questio, you mean using MySQL for the app ? Thois should work with foreign characters, but I've not updated this part for a while, so perhaps the MySQL request is outdated and doesn't provide the right encoding. Try to change the encoding manually on your database.

For the second question, on your server you only need to create a database, the publishing mechanism should create the table for you, including the fmt_ prefix for the database (to prevent duplicate table names)

MHMHMH Topic starter 17/11/2023 12:32 pm

@filmotech The SQL database is having an encoding utf8mb4_general_ci.

I changed it manually to utf8mb4_unicode_ci , but upon adding a movie with non-english characters, it appears as "???????" in both the app and the database.

The attached screenshot has both english and non-english movies.


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I also tried editing the entry in the database manually and was able to save it fine with non englich characters. If I point the generated website to that table in the db, it appears fine on the website.

The app however shows "????" and ruins the db entry if I try editing the movie.



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That's very strange because it works fine with French characters with no issue. However, it's been a while since I test Filmotech with MySQL. Perhaps the encoding is no more reliable. I need to check this.

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thanks for your reply.


The issue only exists when MySQL is used. SQLite works fine with non english characters.

But unfortunately my usecase needs MySQL.

I am happy to help/test/anyting else.


Thank you.


I need to take a look and make some test. Unfortunately, I pretty busy these days so I can't tell you when I will work on this. But I've added this to my to do list !

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No problem at all!

Thank you for everything you're doing.