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Multi Movie Boxed Collections

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As a new user of Filmotech software I am enjoying it's simpler, more straight forward take on things - Bravo to the developers. Having tried several other movie catalogue software titles like EMDB, PVD and ANT, I find this software to be pretty easy to use, enter and edit titles and info without the overboard bloated cataloguing everything about everything per movie like some others do. Filmotech is giving me more relevant information on every film as I enter it.

Now to my question:

I am working my way through entering all single title DVD and Blu-ray discs, this includes multi-disc single title or single series box sets - for example: House M.D. [46 disc complete 1-8] or Columbo [35 disc complete series] but I have run into an issue with multi-movie boxed collections like 'Clint Eastwood 35 Films 35 Years DVD Box Collection [Barcode: 5051892017114]'. As the title suggests, there are 35 individual movies in the boxed collection and I am unable to get any return of film info, film title, duration, actors list etc from any of Filmotech's 'internet scripts' online databases for this as a 'Boxed Set Listing / Title'. A workaround I suppose will be to list every film within each boxed collection as an individual entry, but is there a way to merge these films into a one box set title with all individual film info under that single listing or is that outwith remit of this app? Problem I have, there are a further twenty or more similar 'movie boxed collections' based on actor, director or movie studio with some 135 discs / movies within this selection.

Any reasonable suggestions or help on how to achieve single entry - multi movie - boxed collection listings like these would be appreciated.