Import a CSV file

To import data using the CSV format, certain constraints must be respected, namely: Well, that should go pretty well. There may be issues with multi-line areas (like the synopsis). Beware of carriage returns in CSV files (which are interpreted as line separators).

Managing internet search scripts

Update scripts You can update the scripts manually or automatically. The automatic update is enabled by default, but can be disabled in general preferences. Manage scripts To manage scripts, it’s very simple: Set a default script To set a default search search script :

Translating Filmotech

If you wish to translate Filmotech in an additional language, you’re welcome ! Before starting this adventure, you should be aware that Filmotech is free, developped on my free time. Donations and ads are just enough for software licences, web hosting and tons of coffee drink during loooooong nights of coding. Before starting translation Tools…

Import from AMC

Export the AMC database on the PC On the PC, run AMC and select File > Export On the export screen, select the following: Select CSV Text/Excel Check only Copy with exported file.  Only check Copy with exported file. Pictures must be in the same folder as the CSV file. Select your movies (All, Selected, Checked or…

Set language on PC

On PC, Filmotech is in German if your Windows is in German (or other language if supported by Filmotech), but the default language for other systems is English.  Filmotech should use your system language (if available in Filmotech), but if you want to force Filmotech in English, for example, go to your program files, in Filmotech/Resources,…