Managing internet search scripts

Update scripts

You can update the scripts manually or automatically. The automatic update is enabled by default, but can be disabled in general preferences.

Manage scripts

To manage scripts, it’s very simple:

  • Open the Internet search window, in the “search on” menu, select Manage Scripts…. You can also directly select the Internet scripts tab in preferences.
  • Click Update list button to download new scripts and update old scripts.
  • Select the scripts you want to use. The detail is displayed on the right. You can also activate the built-in DVDfr, MovieCovers ou TMdb scripts.
  • Close the window. The scripts selected now appear in the “Search on” menu.

Set a default script

To set a default search search script :

  • Go to Preferences → Profil
  • Select Default tab
  • In the Internet search tab, select your favorite search engine in the search on menu