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Filmotech 3.11.0 BETA 1 is available

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The first public beta of Filmotech 3.11.0 is available.

First thing to do before starting: Backup your Filmotech databases (File -> Backup)

Here is the release note:

[NEW] Revamping of the export module

[UPD] Publishing API update for PHP 8
[UPD] Removal of manual proxy management
[UPD] Replacement of all links to the new Filmotech site in https
[UPD] Improved alphabetical sorting of the movie list
[UPD] Ability to increase the font of the movie list up to 18
[UPD] Display of the maximum duration on 5 characters instead of 4

[FIX] Fixed publishing bug when changing selection
[FIX] Using the currency symbol defined in the preferences in the editing window of a movie
[FIX] Fixed untranslated labels in published site

Here are the links: