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Good morning,
(sorry for my bad english). I was looking for a simple program to catalog my films and I discovered Filmotech, very interesting and suitable for the purpose. I had a catalog made with Excel and easily imported it into the program with a csv file.
Now I don't quite understand how to import the covers. Is there a way to import them at the same time and not one by one? What name should the image file have and what extension? Thank you


  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator
    edited March 2021

    The cover should be named Filmotech_nnnnn.JPG where 'n' is the ID (5 digits, for example Filmotech_00002.JPG). You need to use .JPG extension, even if it's a PNG file ;) (I should fix this...)
  • thanx, it works perfectly! I sequentially renamed all the covers and imported the csv file and the cover folder (checking that the cover id matches that of the movie names in the csv file) .... et voilà, le jeux sont fait. Filmotech is the only program I have found to catalog my films that takes all the info from Italian TMDB. Thank you!
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