[Resolved] can I re scan new folders more movies

New to filmotech was trying out a few movie data base programs and when I started filmotech it asked to scan a folder and add any movies I did a test folder and it worked great problem is that was just a test how do I repeat it. Can filmotech re scan new folders its a great feature but not so good if you can only use it once. cant find anything in the menus


  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator
    You should be able to scan the same folder multiple times, Filmotech only mark the new movie. (The path to the files needs to be always the same)
  • should be able to but  How do I re scan and how can I change the folder to be scanned. I know I should be able to which us why I ask the question How?
  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator

    Import / Disk scan / Select folder
  • thank you did not notice the tabs at top of import
  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator
    dave said:
    thank you did not notice the tabs at top of import
    No problem :) 
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