2 Windows 10 pcs, but would like to use a common database

I apologize for my lack o knowledge regarding MySQL, but I've installed Filmotech on both my wifes' and my Windows 10 pc.  I would like to use a network share as the primary database location (my machine or hers, it doesn't matter).  That way I would only have to maintain a single copy of the database.  (I can manage access so that only 1 user would be able to open the file at a time, so I'm not worried about that). I simply can't see any way to set the location installation for the database, or how to 'point' to the active database if it's not in the default location.  Is this possible with the SQLite installation?

Thank you in advance for your response.


  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator

    You can "share" database in multiple way, for example:
    • Using a local MySQL server (like a NAS)
    • Publish your database on a website (the second computer will have access from the internet browser, in fact, any device will have access, in read only)
    • You can backup/restore your database from one computer to the other
    I don't recommend trying to access directly to the same .data file since SQLite doesn't manage well if two computer access to the same data.
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