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Import from EMDB (Erics Movie Database)

Just did a CSV export from the ERICS MOVIE DATABASE tool that catalogs all my movies.  Exported to a CSV file.  Had to import the CSV file to EXCEL, and change the columns locations to match what FILMOTECH wanted for column order, and then export from EXCEL to a new CSV file.  Then was able to import into FILMOTECH.  

Wish there was a way to force FILMOTECH to make the best guess at which movie was being imported and populate the database from that.  All you need is 100% match on the film name, and the year name; and then import that film data.  Leave blank anything that is not 100% match.  Regardless till enjoy that this is a working project that is still bein developed.


  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator

    It's not so easy to guess the right movie, depending on the search site you're using.

    Tip: You can select multiple movie in the list before clicking on the Internet icon. This will show you the internet search window with previous/next buttons, so you can update multiple movie from this window. You can also select your preferred search engine in the preferences and activate the "Automatic internet search" option to launch the search as soon as you open the search window or click on the next/previous button.
  • that does speed up my use and editing.  will try to use this
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