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[Resolved] Mobile IPHONE only works if the SYNC the database

Had a lot of trouble getting the mobile database to SYNC via the ITUNES app.  Until I realized you do not need to activate SYNC (do not use SYNC else you will be waiting 15 minutes for nothing to happen).  ---- You just need to move the database into the ITUNES location of FILMOTECH (upload), and the database will transfer immediately.  The WIFI sync no longer works I fear, because WIN10 blocks the connection, or IPHONE (IOS13) blocks the connection to prevent virus activity (multiple firewall settings suspected).  

Also had to make sure there was a DEFAULT profile on both the IPHONE and on the WIN10 application.  Without the profile labeled DEFAULT you seem to get no activity.  Plus the DEFAULT profile has to have the file transfer switch on correctly, as the system will incorrectly think you are trying to do a WIFI connection.

Overall it took half an hour of experiments to get this to work.


  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator

    There are 3 ways to transfer your database to the iPhone (its not really a sync function since you install a copy of your database file): Wifi, a cloud drive and with iTunes (or then Finder on Catalina).
    The name of the profile doesn't matter, but if you use multiple profile, you need the one you want to copy to your iPhone (and select the good profile on your iPhone too).
    With Wifi, the firewall can block the transfer. If you configure your firewall to open the port you've selected (8080 by default), this should solve the problem.
    If you have 2 network on your PC (Ethernet and Wifi), sometimes Filmotech displays the wrong address. You can check the IP address of your WiFi card with ipconfig.
    After transferring the database with a cloud link or iTunes, you need to click "Install database" on your device.
  • offroadoffroad Member
    edited December 2019
    how do you set up a cloud drive transfer?  and which cloud drive services will work?  I use DROPBOX often
  • Filmotech said:
    Take a look at this FAQ :

    Followed the instructions and was able to do this.  But the instructions should add that while in DROPBOX you need to get the SHARED URL from doing a SHARE and selecting EMAIL then looking at a LINK when you create that in the email; and then following the instructions in the FAQ.  

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