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Sharing your custom scripts to improve metadata searching

zarozzaroz Member
edited August 2019 in Internet scripts
Hey, everyone! Just wanted to start a discussion for sharing your custom internet scripts. Specifically, those custom scripts that you might have made to find metadata for your various movies that aren't in IMDB or TMDB.
If you find some that you are interested in, you can download and add them to the "AppData\Roaming\Filmotech_prefs\Filmotech_scripts\Actifs" Folder to include them in your list of scripts.

Here's a template that I hope everyone can follow to make it more convenient for readers:

<Script Name>

<Script Description>

<Anything to note about the script>

<download link>

Here's my example:

Name: AdultDVDEmpire (DVD) script

Description: Made by tweaking a copy of the existing Script by adding in 'adult' before every occurrence of the URL. >:) 

Notes: This script is unable to get the actors of the film, due to the different way that the html is written on adultdvdempire compared to dvdempire.
Download Link: Here
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