Filmotech 3.10.0

FilmotechFilmotech Administrator
The new version of Filmotech (3.10.0) is available for Mac and PC.
[NEW] https publishing
[NEW] Added chinese TMdb
[NEW] Added hebrew TMdb
[NEW] Chinese translation
[NEW] New app icon
[NEW] Universal macOS version

[UPD] CSV import / export is now done in UTF8 by default
[UPD] Added import of images in PNG
[UPD] Added media links in smart search
[UPD] Added trailers in smart search
[UPD] Block multiple launch on PC
[UPD] Improved display of directors

[FIX] Fixed MovieCovers script
[FIX] Fixed wrong cover size calculation
[FIX] Fixed wrong column size when printing
[FIX] Fixed the potential closing of the main window after printing
[FIX] Fixed encoding format of the CSV export
[FIX] Removed parentheses from TMdb roles
[FIX] Added missing icon in internet search
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