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Filmotech 3.9.0 / 3.9.1

FilmotechFilmotech Administrator
edited May 2020 in General
The new version of Filmotech (3.9.0) is available for Mac and PC.

Mac users: Paths (file/folder) to media and trailer will be be updated
[NEW] New function to rename paths to medias and trailers
[NEW] Auto backup can now save MySQL databases
[NEW] Added a "Year" parameter for TMdb search
[NEW] Added a "Role" parameter for TMdb search
[NEW] Added additional parameters in external search scripts

[UPD] Improved select and save file/folder functions
[UPD] Improved performance of auto backup
[UPD] Improved poster searching with TMdb
[UPD] Updated paths to movies/trailers on Mac (the update will be shown automatically)
[UPD] Added an UUID by profil (futtur use)
[UPD] Improved the management of some articles
[UPD] Added Portuguese-Brazilian translation

[FIX] Added some missing translations
[FIX] Fixed import counter
[FIX] Fixed XML import counter
[FIX] Fixed CSV borrowers import
[FIX] Removed unused item in menu bar
[FIX] Fixed an issue when displaying negative prices
[FIX] Removed commas and parentheses in TMdb actors and roles

3.9.1 update:  
[FIX] Fixed internet search blocking



  • FilmotechFilmotech Administrator
    Version 3.9.1:
    [FIX] Fixed internet search blocking

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