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Filmotech 3.9.0 BETA 1

FilmotechFilmotech Administrator
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The first beta version of Filmotech 3.9.0 is available.

First thing to do before starting: Backup your Filmotech databases (File -> Backup)

Mac users: If you have links to your movies / trailers, Filmotech will rename the paths when opening the database. Preferences (like to database) will also be modified. You can not easily go back, remember to make a backup!

Mac App Store users: the version provided here is the web version. Preferences are not located at the same place, so you'll not retrieve your data directly.

What's new in 3.9.0:

[NEW] New function to rename paths to medias and trailers
[NEW] Auto backup can now save MySQL databases
[NEW] Added a "Year" parameter for TMdb search
[NEW] Added a "Role" parameter for TMdb search

[UPD] Improved select and save file/folder functions
[UPD] Improved performance of auto backup
[UPD] Improved poster searching with TMdb
[UPD] Updated paths to movies/trailers on Mac (the update will be shown automatically)
[UPD] Added an UUID by profil (futtur use)

[FIX] Added some missing translations
[FIX] Fixed XML import counter
[FIX] Fixed CSV borrowers import
[FIX] Removed unused item in menu bar
Here are the links:

PC 32-bit PC Version:  Download
PC 64-bit PC Version:  Download
Mac Version :  Download

Good tests and thank you for your participation smile

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